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History of Country Chapel Baptist Church


Country Chapel was a mission of Fairview Baptist Church in Sherman, TX as a result of a burden of Pastor Don Wood who felt a need to have a Baptist Church in this community.  The oldest Baptist church in Grayson County that was located less than a mile west of the present location of Country Chapel had been taken over by another group and there was no longer a Baptist congregation in this community.        


In the summer of 1988, Brother J.C. Rich, an ordained minister and member of Fairview Baptist Church was contacted by Pastor Don Wood to find a building site and oversee the construction and start of a new church in this community.


The current location of Country Chapel which contains 2 acres was found and purchase by Fairview Baptist from a couple who had moved an old house onto the property with plans to restore it but their plans had change.  The price paid for the property was $12,000.00 and a loan of approximately $35,000.00 was obtained from the Southern Baptist Convention for construction of the new building.  The old house was torn down and the construction was started and completed with mostly volunteer labor.


The original name was Dripping Springs Baptist Mission and the first church service was held in the home of Jerry and Mary Adams on September 18, 1988. There were 9 in attendance and the offering was $50.00.  Shortly thereafter, Dave Parks came and volunteered to lead the music and Nora Rich played the keyboard.  Anna Hart from Denison came and was the first Sunday School teacher.


Church services were continued in the Adams’ home for about 5 or 6 months.  After that, the group started meeting in Dave and Lanora Parks’ home in the Cross Timbers Addition.  Services continued to meet in the Parks’ home until June 11, 1989 when the building was near completion and the first service was held in the new building.




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